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 mizfit adventures

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IndlægEmne: mizfit adventures   Man jan 11, 2016 10:49 pm

så jeg tænkte jeg ville smide det første afsnit af en historie jeg er i gang med at skrive op her så i ka se hvad alt min lækre krea er gået til XD, håber i ka li det.

Ok listen up punks. This is a guide to survive the wastelands of the new world; it ain't pretty no more after all those bio attacks. Now if you live in the mega city up north they probably fill your head with nonsense and religious bull crap. So here is the real deal, outside those 50-meter thick walls of solid super concrete and steel plates lie a ruthless world, built up of all of the nastiest, meanest and most ferocious creatures that ever stepped on god’s green earth.

You might think who this guy is well... if you would shut it for 30 seconds then I was getting to that. I am Aiden Crown, but most people call me Hex, and I am a mutant. Yeah you heard me; I am an abomination to the human genes and a mistake by god. Or at least that’s what you are taught I am, trust me a few years back and I might have thought the same thing. I am also from the Northern Mega City and was trained to be a soldier, fighting against the eeevil rebels and militia groups that spawned up everywhere. But let me talk about how my first experience as a mutant went.

Chapter 1: I get an explosive headache

I woke in my field bed as I normally did but today seemed off in a way, there was no clatter of guys trying to wrestle each other like schoolboys trying to see whom the toughest kid at school is. And then I heard it, it started as a low whistle from above and then, an earthshattering KABOOM. It was a mortar shell, and I knew what was happening. With a swift motion, my hand reached the barrel of my scout sniper rifle while the other hand shoveled three boxes of ammo into a small sack. I grabbed my side arm, a magnum 45. And my trusty machete from the rack, the last thing I remember getting was my helmet before I darted to the tree line at the edge of our camp, there I set up my sniper nest. Now the thing you should know about a rifle like mine is that it’s made to be very mobile. it has no bi pod, no shock absorbent shoulder pillow to steady your aim, no 20 times magnifying scope to kill things just for wiggling a nose hair at you, but what it can do is kill you if you don’t find me quick. I watched behind me as I saw a fireball consume the barracks I was just inside. Soon after the first barrack was hit, the other soldiers got their last gear on and started to advance against the enemy, just like in training. Me and two other snipers should stand guard and drop any hostiles within our camp if spotted. I didn't know who the others were or where they came from in the mega city but I knew that they were just as good as me.

Another loud BOOM could be heard from the trees a bit away, it sounded like the guys had made contact with the enemy. I let out a heavy sigh of relief as I readied my sniper and went over my tactic from boot camp. Move, shoot, relocate, repeat. A great tactic if you have a light rifle like myself. I lifted the scope and flicked on the rifles infrared mode, there were men moving in on our destroyed base. A roar of a 308. Sniper rifle let out and one of the men’s head exploded into little chunks of meat.

Then it was my time to shine. I positioned myself closer to the tree and fired a single shot, it pierced a jugular vein on another guy and he collapsed to his knees grasping his neck to stop the bleeding. his comrade went to one knee next to him to check on him and then the third sniper let loose the THOOOM of an anti-tank rifle, I still don’t know to this day how he managed to luggage that around. Nonetheless, the bodies were incinerated upon impact by the hi-ex shell he used "nice going ass whipe, we have to live here afterwards remember" I thought to myself. After that, it was quiet at our end, the gunfire sounded distant now, like the chirping of a bird.
Then it happened…

Ever hit your head on something hard? Well at that moment, it felt like I just took a nosedive off the first floor of a building and landing on my head. I dropped my sniper as I clutched my head and clawed deep into my scalp, I can’t remember if I screamed since all I remember was the screams of dying soldiers all around me and a pain like a sharp scalpel dissecting my brain in layers and then the feeling of something blunt hitting my temple. Then… silence. When I woke up I was in restraints, magnetic cuffs around my hands in front of me and something we called a “kill cuff” around my neck. To explain the kill cuffs purpose simply: it is a sort of like an electric collar for dogs, but these are specifically designed for mutants (I know how fucked up that is). So if the target makes a move he or she will get a lethal dose of electricity coursing through their bodies. And yes, I have given people that treatment before. “what in the damned parts of hell is going on here?” my answer was answered when the commanding officers turned on the lights and commander Higgins face was so close I could count his nose hairs. “You know damn well Specialist Crown, you are a mutie” he spat on my face. I felt rage but not my own, it was his rage. I was as cool as a cucumber standing in front of these men “soooo… does that mean I get no dinner tonight?” commander Collins, a big dude that could bench press me stacked upon myself three times hit me in my stomach with the force of a sledge hammer. Needless to say I bent over and threw up my breakfast, half a protein bar, an apple and a bowl of oatmeal “ugh disgusting” I looked up at the two men with a snarky smile “well that is what happens when you punch someone in the stomach commander” unfortunately they didn’t find it funny at all. After estimated 5 minutes of Collins going to town on my face he pulled back “you have been dishonorably discharged Crown, and because you have been such a good soldier we have made sure you will be executed by firing squad” my bloody face was swollen so much I could barely see out my eyes. Now back then one of my biggest problems was my damn big mouth “so much for a holiday bonus” for once he laughed, but not the kind of laugh I liked, his was cold like ice and it ran down my spine “you have 3 days” and then I got knocked out again.

My cell was small, about the size of a regular bathroom, with cameras everywhere so I couldn’t scratch my ass without having 12 eyes looking at me. But it was fine, the thing that bothered me for the longest time was the influx of voices from all over, small snippets of conversations from all over, but not said rather I heard what people thought to themselves. Even in their most private moments, they weren’t safe. In the start, it was very uncomfortable since I couldn’t control it, but since I didn’t really have anything else to do all that time, I tried to train myself. A part of training is meditation so I used that as a fundamental exercise to control the input of information, by the second night I had controlled it so much that I could read distinguish who I read, and that gained me leverage. I had always been a smart kid, so I knew that Collins was a hotheaded foulmouthed brute, so I knew he was going to come gloat over me, sure enough, my last night he came “said your final prayers yet fucker?” his eyes were gleaming with smugness and I just wanted to punch him, but I had something better. I just looked up at the big guy from the back of my cell “how’s your sister? Still a mutant?” now even for a man that was of a darker complexion he went awfully pale at that “what? How did you… oh…” it was almost comical how I almost could hear the gears turning in his head “listen Johnny. I will take that secret with me to the grave, but you gotta do something for me first” I sat against the wall of my cell, fortunately for the commander the cameras had no sound so the comment weren’t heard by anyone. “What do you want?” he gripped my bars so hard his knuckles turned white “oh it’s actually simple, help me escape” I was calm but he seemed to grow paler and paler. “No fucking way asshole. Are you aware I could die if they found out I helped you?” I looked at my fingers, their nails were clipped short, self-maintenance is a good thing to keep up after all “I know, but if you do as I say they won’t know you had anything to do with it” I walked slowly up to the bars. “I want you to fall down when I hit you in about 30 seconds” he looked at me confused before I delivered a short punch to his throat. The way I punched it would serve greatly for temporarily close his windpipe. As he collapsed either out of shock or out of compliance to our agreement. I swiped the keys of his body and unlocked my cell. The second I sat a foot outside of my cell the alarms went off. To put it politely I was up shit creek without a paddle.
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mizfit adventures
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