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 Look who's in Town- Cecil

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IndlægEmne: Look who's in Town- Cecil   Fre jan 05, 2018 3:22 pm

Sted: Cecils Lejlighed i Gaia
Tidspunkt: Fredag kl 16.45
Vejr: Vindstille og lunt for årstiden
Outfit: Outfit minus handsker
Tag: @Cecil

This was actually the reason she had decided to move to Gaia. She had meet Cecil years ago, they became friends more or less right away. So when he talked about a Coven, of course she got the offer to join. But at that time, it didn’t work with her life. She had too much going on, and she couldn’t drop it to follow him. But she promised him that when her life had calmed down she would come to him, and she would join him. She had a great deal of respect for him, so why not? They had kept contact over all those years, that was also why she knew exactly where he lived.

But she had to admit she had gotten a bit sidetracked only a few days after she arrived. That was when she had met him, Andrei. She hadn’t really been able to focus on anything else for the first couple of days, all she wanted to do was to spent time with her soulmate, and what days. She smiled as she recalled their time together. She knocked on the door, waiting for a response. She hoped he was home, it was not like she had called him, letting him know she was in town. In fact, he had no idea, she hoped that he would be pleased. She for once couldn’t wait to see her old friend, it had been too long.
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IndlægEmne: Re: Look who's in Town- Cecil   Fre jan 05, 2018 5:50 pm

Outfit Bluse + sorte sweatpants.

It had been a rather calm day today. It was getting calmer and calmer in the coven now that everyone had settled down. There was a little less than two weeks until the next new moon, so while there, of course, were preparations to go with it, it wasn't stressful yet. He had been to the twins' dorm rooms to check up on them yesterday, and it seemed that things were going well there. All in all, the move to Gaia wasn't bad, and it seemed to make the young ones happy, which was the point.

Currently, he was steeping some tea, made from his own herbs, in a black mug that Lilia and Luke had gotten him for Christmas. Obviously no one in the coven was Christians, but the gift was appreciated nonetheless. On it were the words This is what an awesome uncle looks like on one side, and on the other side, it said #1 Uncle. He wasn't quite their uncle, but he loved it and used it practically every day. He took out the tea bag, and threw it in his trash can, before grabbing a sweetener which he squeezed into it.
He grabbed the mug and was about sit down on his couch when he heard a knock. Odd, he didn't expect anyone. Slowly he walked over to the door, unlocked it and opened it, and to his surprise, he found a familiar face on the other side. "Nahiri! Long time no see!" He reached his free arm out an gave her a half-hug, holding the mug with steaming hot tea at a distance. "Oh wow, I didn't expect to see you anytime soon, do you want to come inside?" he asked with a wide smile on his face, as he pulled back from the hug, and quickly ruffled her hair - although not too much, he knew the pain of knotted hair after all.

Sidst rettet af Cecil Fre jan 12, 2018 5:10 pm, rettet 1 gang
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IndlægEmne: Re: Look who's in Town- Cecil   Fre jan 05, 2018 10:12 pm

Her smile was big when the door was opended and she saw her friend standing there, teacup in his hand and all. She returned the half hug, she wanted to hug him tighter, but the tea made it impossible, that was for now at least. "That would be lovely. I have only been here in a little over a month now. My body is still not that good at this freaking cold." she said wit ha soft laugh to her voice as she stepped into his appartment.

Quickly she took of her shoes, and enterd the livingroom, looking around taking it all in. Yeah this was definetly his home, she could see his personality in the decorating. "Sorry I didn't come see you sooner, I got a bit.. Sidetracked." she then said sending him a secretive smile. It was no because the reason was a secret, he just didn't know what it was yet. She placed her back and her scarf on the couch as she turned to him sending him one of her friendly smiles. "you see. I came here, looking for you. I once told you that I would find you when I was ready to settle down, be part of a coven, and I felt that was time. But..." she said before she slowly sat down on the couch, she had no problem feeling at home around him anyway. "I kind off met somebody, or well not just anybody. I met him.. Andrei..." she said her cheeks getting just a tad bit flushed as she said it. They had talked about it before, the whole soulmate thing, and he knew very well what name was on her collarbone, if he hadn't forgotten it over the years. She quickly continued as she realized what she had said sounded stupid. "it dosen't mean I wont join, I mean he lives here and. It's just.. Well.. Since he is now part of my life, he would also have to be part of your's if I joined.. SO.. I guess what I'm asking is.. Do you still want me in your Coven?" she looked at him with that soft smile on her lips, her head tilted just a bit to the side, waiting for him to answer. It was fair if he wanted now, after all, it was not only her anymore, it was also her mate.
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IndlægEmne: Re: Look who's in Town- Cecil   Fre jan 12, 2018 5:07 pm

Cecil chuckled when Nahirii said she wasn't used to the cold yet, and had to agree. "The worst part is that it doesn't even get better in the summer. I don't think I've worn a short sleeved-shirt outside without a jacket since we got here." He stepped aside, so the witch could get through and close the door behind him with a slight smile on his lips.

The living room was all in light creme colours and earthy tones with plants in just about every nook and cranny. Although he lived alone, there was plenty of space for guests, as he was nearly never without company. In the corner furthest from the door, there was a soft cream-coloured couch with room for at least 4 people across from the television, with a matching armchair on either side and a wooden coffee table in the middle. The living room was attached to the kitchen, with a half wall, which almost funcioned as a bar, being the only thing that seperated them. It was generally kept in light colours, with the only saturated colours coming from the plants he kept in there.

Cecil shrugged his shoulder at Nahirii's apology, obviously not bothered by it. He sat down on the couch, crosslegged with the mug in his hand, which he took a sip from. ”That's perfectly fine, life can happen,” he replied cheerily, before just listening to her explaining her situation. He smiled softly when she told that she had met the one, and honestly, he was glad for her. Lord knows she deserved someone great – and from the look in her eyes, Cecil would guess that this mate was perfect. Of course, most people knew that Cecil had a very strained relationship to his own mate – or more so the fact that he still hadn't found him. When he finally got over the fact that his mate was male, and went out into the world to see if he could find him, he was unable to. He had gone through many life-stages, where he hated his mate, wished he knew him, swore that he never wanted to see him or was absolutely in love with him. Now though? He felt indifferent. He had a lot on his hands with his coven, so he supposed that he could live without his mate. But it was still difficult for him to swallow all the stories about his friends meeting their mates.

A slight smile reached Cecil's lips, and he nodded slightly. ”Well, first of all, congratulations with the mate, it's always exciting to hear about these things, and second of all, of course I still want you here. But I would like to meet the Andrei, and let him know what this coven is about, and if both are you are perfectly comfortable with it, you can be inaugurated next new moon. I would do it earlier, but you know my mother. She likes her traditions” He took another sip from his tea, before putting it on the coffee table.

Sidst rettet af Cecil Lør jan 13, 2018 7:39 pm, rettet 1 gang
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IndlægEmne: Re: Look who's in Town- Cecil   Lør jan 13, 2018 2:47 pm

"Ohh dear god, and here I hoped that would at least get better!" she chuckled as she entrerd the appartment.

It had been far too long since they had a chance to do this, sit down, chat and just relax. But as she talked she could see it in his eyes he was a bit affected by it, and she knew why. He had been working hard on finding his mate. But despite that, she also knew he was happy for her, that was just the type of friend he was, just like her. Maybe that was why they had become such good friends, because they were quite a like. Her lips moved up in a smile as he told she was still welcome in his coven. "Thank you, I knew you would be happy for me." she leaned closer and placed a hand on his shoulder looking at him with those brown eyes of hers "And don't worry, I got this feeling you will find your mate soon." She leaned back in the couch, crossing her legs before she continued talking. "I'm sure he would love to meet you too. But I better tell you he's a pureblood vampire, one of the first to be exact. He's really relaxed, down to earth, I think you will like him." she sent him a smile holding a short break before she continued "Don't worry, I know about those traditions, and I know they are important. There is no problem waiting for the next new moon."
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Humør : Am I a good person? No. But do I try to become a better person every single day? Also no.
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IndlægEmne: Re: Look who's in Town- Cecil   Lør jan 13, 2018 8:57 pm

Cecil shrugged when Nahirii said that she was sure he would find his mate soon. As much as he wanted to know who he was, he was quite content with his life as of right now. He had his coven to lead and a lot of things to do! Besides, his mom still hadn't found her mate, and she wasn't too bothered by it. After all, that meant she was free to be with whoever she wanted to.

But as she talked about her new mate, a fond smile found his lips. He honestly was very happy on her behalf, and even from a more tactic standpoint, having one of the first ten vampires in the coven was a huge advantage, so he didn't see any reason to be anything but happy. Of course, he could be a little worried for the safety of some of the coven members, but at the same time, if the vampire was that old, he should have a strong hold on his thirst.

"Well, then it's settled, next new moon. That still leaves us with plenty of time to prepare," he said, lifting his sleeve up, to look at the tattoo he had, which showed the current phase of the moon. It hadn't been that long since the full moon, so it was receding, and he would have to tell the rest of the coven soon. Luckily, they weren't that many members yet, so it wasn't too troublesome, and most of them didn't have too tight schedules. "I would like to talk to Andrei sometime before that though. Make sure that he knows about our rules, and what's to be expected of him." he said, taking another sip from his cup of now slowly cooling tea. "Of course, you could just tell him too, but maybe it's slightly from a friend's standpoint too. Gotta make sure he's treating you right," he then added with a wink and a small grin.
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IndlægEmne: Re: Look who's in Town- Cecil   Søn jan 14, 2018 12:05 am

She nodded in agreement, next new moon, it gave them enough time. It was also a good idea that she had a ittle bit of time, she hadn't been in a coven since the one that was her family, and that was ages ago. She was used to just being her, and she had to prepare herself. Finding Andrei was already a life change for her, a good one, but still a change.

She watched him check the tattoo, and looked back up at him as he spoke once more. "I think it's best you meet him yourself, he is a good guy, and you don't have to worry about anything. But it's nice to know you have my back." she said laughing just a bit. She moved some hair out of her eyes, leaning all he way back in the couch, sitting much more relaxed like this. "But maybe you should tell me the rules also, it's been quite some time since we talked about this. I think it's a good idea to refresh my memory." She could remember some of them, but to be honest she wanted to be sure she didn't forget anything. "By the way, do you want me to text Andrei? He said he was just going to write on his book today, so I could ask him to come over itf you want to tell the rules to both of us, not having to do it twice?" she said before he got a chance to tell her anything.
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IndlægEmne: Re: Look who's in Town- Cecil   

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Look who's in Town- Cecil
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